Construction machinery still has huge room for development

Xu Shousheng, governor of Hunan Province, recently held by the Hunan provincial government to work together to achieve a new leap forward in the construction machinery industry in Hunan Province, the situation facing the construction machinery industry, that although the construction machinery industry is facing severe challenges, but in the long run there is still a huge space for development

Xu Shousheng, Governor of Hunan Province, recently analyzed the situation facing the construction machinery industry at the "Working Together to Achieve a New Leap in Hunan Construction Machinery Industry Symposium" held by the Hunan Provincial Government. He believed that although the construction machinery industry is facing severe challenges, in the long run Look, there is still huge room for development.
Construction machinery should actively respond to challenges
Xu Shousheng said that at present, the international and domestic economic situation is complex and changeable. The construction machinery industry has encountered difficulties such as increasing global economic downside risks, slowing down the development of global manufacturing industry, increasing competition in the field of high-end manufacturing at home and abroad, further improving the entry threshold of foreign products in many countries, and increasingly fierce competition in the domestic construction machinery market. From January to July, although the production and sales of construction machinery in Hunan Province increased by more than 60%, and the main economic indicators reached or approached the level of last year, by July and August, there had been a month-on-month decline in production and sales, and subsequent orders. Decline, product inventory and accounts receivable increase and other unfavorable signals. He asked the Hunan construction machinery industry to accurately study and judge the situation, maintain a clear understanding of possible difficulties and risks, and at the same time strengthen confidence in development, actively seize opportunities, properly respond to challenges, and strive to promote industrial structure adjustment and development mode transformation, and strive to achieve new Leap.
The industry still has huge room for development
Xu Shousheng made this judgment based on the following three factors. First, a new round of technological revolution has brought opportunities for the construction machinery industry to adjust its structure. Second, strong domestic investment demand for the development of the construction machinery industry to form a long-term positive. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the investment demand of the whole country and Hunan will still maintain a rapid growth trend, and the driving force of economic growth is still relatively strong. In 2010, my country's urbanization rate was less than 48%, and it will take at least 30 years to catch up with the 80% level of developed countries. How many business opportunities will the construction machinery industry bring with the advancement of domestic urbanization in the past 30 years? The trend of the world economy attracts the most attention of two things: First, the business opportunities brought by China's rapid urbanization. The second is the new industrial revolution brought about by high technology in the United States. Judging from the planned mileage of my country's railways, the operating mileage will reach 120000 kilometers by 2020. Even so, the per capita is less than 9cm, which is less than 1/10 of the current per capita in the United States. At present, the density of roads per 100 square kilometers in China is only half that of the United States. In addition, there are increased investment and key support for water conservancy construction; the construction of affordable housing in the real estate market has increased, and the people's rigid demand for improving living conditions has increased; in addition, power grid transformation and urban rail transit construction have formed a long-term development of the construction machinery industry. Good. Third, the development of construction machinery industry has a good foundation. Take Hunan Province as an example. After these years of development, the overall economic strength of the province has been significantly enhanced. In 2010, Hunan's GDP reached 1.59 trillion billion yuan; infrastructure such as transportation, logistics, customs clearance, and parks have been greatly improved; the whole province The atmosphere of seeking industry and grasping industry has become increasingly strong, and the policy system for accelerating the development of new industrialization has been continuously improved. At the same time, after the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" fruitful development, the construction machinery industry has made significant progress in independent innovation, capital operation, large-scale operation, agglomeration development, collaboration and supporting, market development, especially talent training, etc., for the subsequent leapfrog development Accumulated rich experience.
Transformation and upgrading is the main task
At present, among the seven strategic emerging industries in Hunan, the advanced equipment manufacturing industry ranks first, and among the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, the middle and high-end construction machinery equipment industry ranks first. Hunan is a national two-oriented social reform pilot zone. In the future, it is impossible to develop an economy that consumes a lot of resources and energy and pollutes the environment. It must take the path of green development, low-carbon development and sustainable development. In this case, the construction machinery industry should assume the historical responsibility to realize the transition of the industry from "domestic demand type" to "international type", from "scale growth type" to "core ability growth type", and make new contributions to the construction of "four modernizations and two types" in Hunan.
In order to realize the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry, Xu Shousheng requires the industry to further improve its innovation capabilities, enhance the comprehensive supporting capabilities of industrial parts, vigorously develop industrial socialized services, vigorously cultivate industrial talents, and establish a sound industry self-discipline mechanism. He believes that although Hunan construction machinery industry has made remarkable achievements, it has not fundamentally changed the extensive development mode. The development of the industry is excessively dependent on the rapid growth of the output of physical products, and the development of modern manufacturing service industry is seriously lagging behind; the technology supporting the development of high-end products is relatively scarce, and the innovation ability is not enough to undertake the important task of supporting the technological upgrading of the whole industry; the supporting system is underdeveloped, Some key components are seriously controlled by others. He hopes that the construction machinery industry will aim at weak links and key areas, continue to increase its own R & D investment, increase innovation capacity building, actively promote original innovation, integrated innovation, and innovation through introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, and break through a number of core technologies and major key technologies as soon as possible., Quickly transformed into advanced productivity. He asked the relevant departments in the province to highlight the key points when arranging the province's new industrialization guidance funds and special guidance funds for strategic emerging industries, and give key support to the construction machinery industry. In the research and development of key components and research, he asked all forces to form a joint force, gather five fingers, form fists, and break them one by one. He asked the provincial spare parts enterprises to follow the division of labor in the industrial chain and actively strive to form a supporting system with host enterprises inside and outside the province and at home and abroad. It is necessary to develop, transform and develop synchronously with host enterprises, take the road of "specialization, refinement, specialty, innovation and excellence", form a comprehensive supporting capacity, and strive to make products enter the international and domestic parts procurement system while meeting the supporting needs of leading enterprises in the province.

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