Join hands with Sany excavators to realize the dream of creating wealth

The party of Sany Heavy Machinery Service Wanli Tour Jiangsu Station was very lively. Ten wealth-creating figures from Jiangsu stepped onto the stage, accepted the award of Sany Heavy Machinery, and became the dazzling stars of the party on the spot.

Sany Heavy Machinery Service Wanli Tour Jiangsu Station Party was very lively. Ten wealth creators from Jiangsu stepped onto the stage and received awards from Sany Heavy Machinery, becoming the dazzling stars of the party on the spot.
Top ten wealth makers took the stage to receive the award and took a photo with Mr. Liang Linhe, chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery
Some of their previous identities were laid-off workers, some came from remote rural areas, and some failed to start their own businesses, but they all held the dream of making a fortune, holding hands with Sany excavators, and finally realized their dreams and successfully embarked on the road of creating wealth.
Chen Baoshan: Sany Excavator Brings Second Spring in Career
Chen Baoshan of the Top Ten Rich People
In 1996, Chen Baoshan came to Shanghai from Binhai alone and began to work hard. From walking tractors to second-hand excavators, he became stronger and stronger step by step, and finally realized his entrepreneurial dream.
At the beginning of the contract project, Chen Baoshan's second-hand excavator often failed, which delayed many projects. So Chen Baoshan sold the second-hand excavator and began to rent equipment for construction. The annual machinery cost is more than 2 million. After 2006, the engineering business has been getting better year by year, but profits have not changed much. This made Chen Baoshan lost in thought. After calculation, rented equipment to work every day, oil to drink a lot, greatly reducing the project profits. And the peak season when the use of equipment is very tight, but also have to give up a lot of projects.
It is better to buy a digger yourself, which can not only ensure the progress of the project, but also save a lot of rental fees. Chen Baoshan's idea is getting stronger and stronger, but after repeated comparisons among several brands, he still can't make up his mind. At the end of 2009, when Chen Baoshan rented a Sany 205 equipment, after using it for a period of time, the low fuel consumption, high efficiency, and timely and considerate after-sales service made Chen Baoshan very relieved. This is the equipment you 've been looking. In June 2010, Chen Baoshan bought the first Sany excavator, and in December of the same year, he bought a second one. At the end of the year, although there were not as many jobs in 2010 as in previous years, profits increased a lot at that time.
From February to April 2011, Chen Baoshan chose Sany again and successively purchased three Sany excavators to truly embark on the road of creating wealth. Under his leadership, the surrounding relatives and friends have chosen Trinity. Chen Baoshan said with emotion that Sany excavator has brought a second spring to his career, and he believes that Sany will be the first in the world.
Chen Hubing: Poor Young Man Turn into Rich Star
Chen Huabing, Top Ten Rich People, Accepts Interview with Hunan Satellite TV Host Li Rui
Chen Hubing, 38, is already a million-dollar boss with a car, a house and three Sany excavators. This is very different from him a few years ago.
Chen Huabing was born in the coastal countryside of Yancheng. "The children of the poor are in charge early." At the age of 16, Chen Huabing took up the burden of the family. With his own hard work, the poor boy Chen Huabing married the girl he wanted, and silently vowed to make her happy. However, no matter how hard Chen Huabing tried after marriage, life was still very difficult. At the age of 30, Chen Huabing made a major decision: to go out to work.
After tossing and turning to Changshu, because there was no culture, Chen Huabing could only sell coolies and help push wheelbarrows at the construction site. He will not forget those days, no day and night, only blood and sweat. Even so, the hard labor still earns very little money. Soon, Chen Hubing took out all his savings to buy a farm vehicle.
In 2008, Chen Huabing, who was driving an agricultural vehicle, met a young man who visited the market by Sany excavator. The conversation for more than an hour completely changed Chen Huabing's life trajectory. The young man pertinently analyzed the current situation of Chen Huabing and put forward some suggestions for purchasing Sany excavators. First of all, Sany small digging has strong power, stable performance and fast working speed. Compared with other small digging, it has an advantage in site competition, ensuring that it will not lag behind in the small digging machine for 5 years, and it also has high-quality after-sales service. Secondly, Chen Huabing has also worked hard in earthmoving projects for several years. He is honest and diligent, has a broad base of friends, and adds a three-one excavator, which is bound to expand his career quickly and create wealth.
After careful consideration, Chen Hubing purchased a Sany excavator SY75. And became the famous digger in the area. Everyone knows that the digger is fast and works hard. Many project bosses are attracted by it. Chen Huabing gradually made a lot of friends, career gradually on the right track. At that time, boss Chen made a lot of friends and earned the second bucket of gold in his life. In order to help Chen Huabing reduce the pressure of repayment, his wife Hong Mei also became an agricultural vehicle driver. With the passage of time, Chen Hubing has more and more projects. In 2010, he bought two Sany excavators.
Today, Chen Hubing's wealth creation career is doing well. Entrepreneurship is hard, but also happy. Chen Hubing's success has led his friends around him to set off a trinity craze. In Changshu's coastal people, they will definitely choose trinity when buying digging machines.
Kong Lingjian: Breaking through the bottleneck of the cause and opening up a wider space for wealth creation
Kong Lingjian of the Top Ten Rich People
Kong Lingjian, 43, entered the earth and stone engineering industry in his hometown in 2005. Due to local operations, rich network resources, and the good reputation that each project is completed on time with quality and quantity, there is an endless stream of projects.
However, when life stabilized and there was no need to work hard, Kong Lingjian unexpectedly encountered a career bottleneck.
The construction of Kong Ling's connection has been modest. For larger and more profitable projects, Kong Lingjian did not dare to take them, because he was deterred by the disparity in his own strength and project land. On New Year's Day in 2010, Kong Lingjian set new development goals for himself and decided to strive to break through the bottleneck, strengthen his own strength, and truly make his career bigger and stronger. The first step is to acquire your own engineering equipment.
At the end of 2010, after multi-party measurement and selection, Kong Lingjian purchased the Sany 75 excavator in combination with his own capital flow and actual needs, and thus became associated with Sany. Half a year passed in an instant. After careful calculation and comparison, Kong Lingjian came to a conclusion: a 75-type small excavator can save about 70000 yuan in rental expenses within half a year. Because the excavator is purchased in the form of mortgage, the rental fee can offset the down payment and monthly loan repayment of the equipment. After calculation, it is equivalent to the rental fee to buy a excavator of its own, and this excavator will save about 150000 yuan for Kong Lingjian every year in the future. More importantly, in the process of striving for better engineering projects, Kong Lingjian demonstrated his determination to engage in earth and stone engineering for a long time with his own purchase of machinery and equipment, and established better credit. In addition, it is more convenient to mobilize machines between various engineering projects.
The first attempt to buy and use excavators was very beneficial to Kong Lingjian, so he decided to continue to buy excavators in order to match his existing business. Soon, Kong Lingjian chose the Sany 195 model. This tonnage machine can adapt to a larger area of excavation operations and is more efficient in actual use.
Today, Kong Lingjian has completely broken through the bottleneck of his own career development and opened up a broader world for himself. "If you want to operate earthwork as a business, it is a very wise decision to choose Sany excavator as your bonus." Kong Lingjian said.
Li Ketian: Sany Digger is the Golden Key to Wealth
Li Ketian, a farmer from a remote village, is simple and hardworking. He works as a farmer in his hometown and lives a life of relying on mountains and mountains. He goes out early and returns late. He can't make his life better day by day. Li Ketian is very ashamed of his parents, wives and children. He decided it was time to go out and make a dash.
After arriving in Shanghai, Li Ketian was confused for a time, looking at the endless stream of people and traffic, but did not know how to find the golden key to open the door to wealth? Full of hot ideals, Li Ketian began to pay attention to a variety of projects, one day, through a construction site to see the people inside busy, the project in an orderly manner. This scene made Li Ketian feel a little familiar. He remembered the vast undeveloped barren hills in his hometown, the neglected stones, dirt and so many roads and bridges to be repaired. Just then, the sales staff of Sany excavator came to talk with Li Ketian with a smile on their faces.
Under the introduction of the sales staff, Li Ketian learned in detail about the performance, fuel consumption, starting principle, hydraulic control system, operating range, etc. of the Sany excavator that was busy not far away. The professional introduction made Li Ketian take it orally. After three days of careful consideration, Li Ketian pieced together, coupled with the help of Sany, finally had the first Sany excavator. This was a turning point in Li Ketian's life.
At the beginning, due to the difficulty of capital turnover, slow payment, and fierce competition among peers, Li Ketian did not take many projects and his career fell into a downturn. However, he did not lose heart. Like Sany, Li Ketian always follows the principle of being a man first and doing things later. Slowly, because of the excellent quality, Li Ketian's projects will come back to him. Coupled with his love for the digger, the efficiency of work is very high, the digger saves fuel and saves maintenance, and the digger of the same brand is gradually dwarfed on the construction site. Li Ketian's career finally improved, and he slowly got on the right track, digging into the first bucket of gold in his life.
Now, Li Ketian, who is busy on the construction site all day, firmly believes that after buying the Sany excavator, he has found the golden key to wealth.
Xiong Fangcheng: A winding road to wealth
Xiong Fangcheng, whose hometown is in a village in Shangcheng County, Henan Province, came to Suzhou to develop and spent his only savings to buy a dilapidated agricultural vehicle. In order to live, I help others install bricks and old tiles on the demolition site day and night. However, life still hasn't improved at all. The following spring, the farm vehicle was stolen.
In 2006, with the support of friends, Xiong Fangcheng bought a small excavator of a foreign brand. A year later, the use of the machine was not ideal. At this time, a friend of Xiong Fangcheng bought a Sany excavator. The friend introduced that the Sany excavator was fuel-efficient and the after-sales service was considerate. In 2008, after several thoughts, Xiong Fangcheng bought a SY205 Sany excavator. After personal experience, Xiong Fangcheng really understood the benefits of the equipment. Sany's service brothers would go to solve the problem no matter whether it was windy or rainy, as long as they made a phone call. As a result, Xiong Fangcheng has also become a loyal customer of Sany. With the help of Sany excavator, Xiong Fangcheng's wealth creation career developed smoothly. Up to now, Xiong Fangcheng has owned three Sany excavators and has become a real local expert in getting rich.
"Buying a digging machine has changed my life. It has changed me from a farmer who used to be a farmer to a person who has a house and a car. The whole country is in the process of reform and opening up. The development and construction of houses, roads, subways and rivers are inseparable from excavators. Buying excavators is to create wealth for oneself from a small point of view, and to make one's own contribution to national construction from a large point of view. If you want to ask me what I want to do first after I make money, I will not hesitate to say that I will continue to buy Sany excavators and go to the northwest of the motherland to help the motherland develop the northwest." During the interview, Xiong Fangcheng's words were very emotional.

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